TCoder is the first professional logging software for iPhone and iPod Touch
Specifically created to facilitate the work of radio and television journalists, TCoder enables you to take notes during press conferences, presentations, speeches, etc. perfectly synchronized with the time code of your recorder, miniDisc or TV camera.

Forget about paying constant attention to the counter of your recorder, or constantly asking to the camera operator: as long as you have TCoder with you, your notes will automatically include the right time code.

Featuring a stylish and intuitive interface, TCoder is not a recording device: it is the perfect complement to your recorder, camcorder or MiniDisc.

TCoder: your electronic pocket logbook for only $3.99

Create a new log and add aditional information

  • Fill the fields you consider neccesary
  • The "Event" and "Speaker" fields will conform the title of your new log
  • The "Date" and "Time" fields will be filled in automatically
  • When you do searches filtering for words, this data will be included in the searches
  • Easy, isn't it?

Choose between "Time-Code" mode or "Clock Mode" mode

  • You must choose the same mode your recording device is set to
  • In "Clock Mode" mode, TCoder will use the time of your iPhone or iPod Touch, accurate to the second

Adjust the counter

  • If you chose "Time Code" mode, set the TCoder counter to fit the counter of your recording device, and start both at once
  • If you chose "Clock Mode" mode, be sure that the time in your iPhone / iPod Touch and in your recording device is the same. If it is not, you will have to adjust one of them

Create new notes, edit them or delete them

  • Take as many notes as you need: the time code will be automatically included with them
  • Delete notes sliding your finger over them, or edit them whilst you keep on logging
  • Easy again… It's a slam dunk!

Review your logs or e-mail them

  • If you chose "Time Code" mode, stop the counter and your log will be ready
  • Tap "Send" to e-mail your log as a text, attaching a file fully compatible with Microsoft Excel
  • Do you still have any doubt about how easy it is to use TCoder? If so… contact us!
Is TCoder one more sound recorder among the thousands of recorders in the App Store? No, it is not. TCoder does not record any sound. We thought there were more than enough sound recorders in the App Store. However, there were no other app like TCoder. Can I open the CSV file attached to my e-mail with any spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel? Yes. Well... "almost" yes. We have set up two versions of the CSV file: one for Mac OS, one for Windows. If you use Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers, for instance, everything will be perfect. If you use a different software and the visualization is not perfect, try choosing the option "semicolon separated format" and the right set of characters (Western Europe - Apple Macintosh or Western Europe Windows 1252/WinLatin1). If you still have problems with your spreadsheet software... contact us and we will fix them! Will there be an iPad version of TCoder? Yes (as long as you think it's a good idea...) Do you accept suggestions for next versions of TCoder? Of course! In iZinkit we are eager for you to tell us how to improve our work!
Do you have any suggestion for the next versions of TCoder? Any doubt about how it works? Or do you just want to say "good morning" to us? Go ahead! Fill the form or send us an e-mail at

All fields must be filled
  • Choose between "Time Code" mode and "Clock Mode" mode
  • Synchronize manually the counter of TCoder with your recording device at the beginning of the recording and you will have the Time Code in your iPhone/iPod Touch all the time
  • Take notes directly with TCoder: they will automatically include the right time code, and will be perfectly synchronized with your recording device
  • Edit your notes, or delete them in just one step
  • Add significant data to your log to complete the relevant information
  • Review your log in the iPhone/iPod Touch itself, or e-mail it
  • Review old logs, filtering for words in real-time
  • Available in English, Spanish and French
“TCoder is an amazing idea that has been implemented perfectly (…) It will be a boon for journalists” iPhone Footprint “Here’s one of those apps every radio and TV journalist could use”

“If you work on the radio or in TV and you have an iPhone… this app is for you”

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